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About Bradelis

Bradelis New York was created in 1994 because of our obsession with making lingerie that was as unique as every woman. We’ve created beautiful support lingerie meant to reshape your silhouette using a combination of New York style and sophistication along with Japanese craftsmanship.

Today Bradelis New York has grown into an Internationally known and sought after lingerie brand with Boutiques in New York and throughout Asia.

The creator of Bradelis New York, Akiyo Hirakubo, has always been fascinated with Support Lingerie. While she was studying in the U.S., she was impressed with the function and support of American lingerie and it inspired her to create lingerie to fit her petite physique. After much trial and error, Bradelis New York was finally created. From its inception Akiyo wanted to create lingerie that not only looked beautiful but also acted as support lingerie that could help all women reshape their silhouette.